Flat Earth Debunked Scientific Facts Vs Conspiracy Theory

Debunking the Flat Earth conspiracy

reduced_EARTHGRIDFlat earth conspiracy theory is not new, however over the last 6 months, especially on YouTube, it has become a hot topic of debate. Most flat earthers rely entirely on claiming nearly all known scientific facts and theories are fake, and part of some great deception.

On this site we will attempt to debunk the flat earth conspiracy by creating experiments, and examining both the round and flat earth models scientifically.

We wish to invite all educated and intelligent people to join in the debate, and help design and perform experiments testing the feasibility of each model.
We will be looking at every possible explanation for the formation and existence of both a flat earth and globe earth.

We will examine the claims of the flat earth conspiracy theorists concerning gravity, the non existence of the south pole, the theory that the sun is closer and smaller then science claims. Every flat earth belief will be examined and debunked using physics, geometry, mathematics, experimentation and observation.

We encourage scientists, amateur and professional astronomers, astrophysicist, professors, teachers and students alike to join us.

Finally we will examine the psychological and  social factors that would lead tens of thousands to believe in conspiracy theories like the flat earth.

We will later branch out and examine other conspiracies. Especially those that are current hot topics.

We hope to produce a documentary, and sponsor a trip to the Antarctic and south pole, inviting certain key flat earth believers along on the trip.

We hope to also find experts who can examine photographic evidence of a globe earth and prove they are authentic.

Experts in every field are most welcome, but so are those with just an interest in learning more about the world we live on, and the nature of conspiracy theories like the flat earth theory.